Would you like to build upon the foundation that was laid by Jesus, in Mark 10:14?

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Jesus regularly ministered to children. We believe the future of the church depends on effective ministry to children today.

Our children’s ministry is growing and God is blessing us with more and more children, hungry for a friendship with Jesus. What an awesome experience it is to spend a few minutes with our children, working with hands on curriculum. Teaching and guiding SS4 kids into a growing friendship with Christ is one of the most precious and rewarding experiences you will ever have. The children will walk through their lives with memories of a teacher who brought forth Biblical truths through Bible stories and activities that are both fun and edifying.

Please take a few minutes to envision yourself in the role of helper, guide, teacher, mentor and friend to our children. Get a clear vision of what it looks like and feels like to see the SS4 kids grow into tomorrow’s leaders, fully devoted to Jesus Christ and raring to make a difference in the world.

Questions? Contact Pastor Doug & Cindy: ss4kids@ssfoursquare.com

We want to provide a safe environment for our kids. If you’re interested in serving in this ministry,
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